Dental and Health Care in Kos

Kos is a great place to work improving your oral health. Many tourists from around the world go to pay lower prices for oral healthcare and Greece is a hot destination for this matter because of the high-tech equipment and great, welcoming staff ready to enthusiastically answer any need of the customer.

Dental Care and Aesthetics

Dental Care and Aesthetics in Kos

Dental Care and Aesthetics is a local Dental Care Office, located in Antimachia near the airport. Dr Kalantzis Ioannis offers regular dental and prosthetic treatment all year long as well as emergency dental treatment. Many Australian and European citizens visit Kos Island not only for their holidays, but for their dental treatment needs as well as the prices for treatment are way lower than what they are used to.
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Med Life

Med Life in Kos

MED LIFE has been active in the field of health since 2003, with experience in providing primary health care services, certified by ISO 9001. The well-designed conditions of our rooms offer our guests and their escorts an intimate and warm environment where, with the most modern means and in the fastest possible times, we face the majority of health problems.
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